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from UK patients.

What our patients say

Hear the stories of people whose lives have been changed. Listen to them compare Invisalign clear aligners and braces, and provide an honest Invisalign review.

Kerry Kerry Price

Kerry Price


"Using Invisalign has had a massive impact on my life and my confidence... I think the best thing about Invisalign and the whole treatment is how convenient it was. My experience here has been brilliant... the team here is fantastic..."

Patrick Patrick Arends

Patrick Arends


"My first consultation with Sandeep gave me a lot of confidence and comfort, meeting him and the team really gives you the confidence that these people really know what they are doing. I would describe Invisalign as pure magic."

Selina Selina Hearn

Selina Hearn


"The impact Invisalign has had on my life is I am a lot more confident in myself... I like looking in the mirror, I like smiling, I like going out and enjoying myself."

Claire Claire Turley

Claire Turley


"The impact that Invisalign has had on my life is greater confidence. I've now found the confidence to go out there and face new challenges, one of those being getting the new job that I've got now."

John John Comerford

John Comerford


"Invisalign has already had a huge impact on my life, it's raised my confidence massively. I own my own business, and being out and about speaking to customers all the time, it's helped me improve what I do."

Holly Holly Smythurst

Holly Smythurst


"I don't need a whole sentence to describe Invisalign, all I need is one word: Flexible."

Matthew Matthew Moxham

Matthew Moxham


"MiSmile was recommended to me by a friend...they made me feel 100% at ease... I was so unhappy before the treatment.. Now I find myself smiling all of the time... How would I describe Invisalign in one sentence? Life changing."

Miriam Miriam Shaheen

Miriam Shaheen


" The treatment was really easy, really convenient... nobody noticed that I was wearing my aligners at all... Invisalign has made me a lot happier, and a lot more confident..."