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What is the MiSmile Network?

The MiSmile Network is a nationwide group of dentists and orthodontists that provide Invisalign. Together we are the leading Invisalign provider in the UK, and have created over 40,000 new straight smiles.

Our Network is made up of over 120 independent dentists and orthodontists located across the UK who provide Invisalign treatment. Invisalign is the world’s most advanced clear aligner – a virtually invisible teeth straightening treatment which is custom made just for you.

Each MiSmile Network member has many years’ experience treating patients with Invisalign, and the Network’s long-standing relationship with Invisalign ensures all our members have access to the latest clinical developments and innovations, as well as training, support and advice.

Each of our Network members is dedicated to helping you create your perfect smile.

To discover how we can change your smile and change your life, find your nearest MiSmile Invisalign provider and book your FREE consultation today.

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Over 120 MiSmile Network practices across the UK