5 steps to a straight smile with MiSmile

The MiSmile Invisalign
treatment process

5 steps to a straight smile with MiSmile


Find your nearest MiSmile Network practice
Our MiSmile Network is made up of over 120 Invisalign providers across the UK. You won’t need to go far - your treatment will be in your local practice, and you’ll be treated by an experienced, UK registered dentist or orthodontist.


Book your FREE Invisalign consultation
Your first appointment is completely free. Your nearest MiSmile practice will take you through a full smile assessment, talk through your smile goals, and discuss your treatment options and costs, including finance options. You’ll also be able to see your smile transformation with a 3D smile scan and simulation - no messy impressions in sight!


Start your Invisalign treatment
If you decide you like what you see, your dentist or orthodontist will create your personal treatment plan, and your Invisalign clear aligners will be custom made to precisely fit your mouth. Each series of aligners will move your teeth little by little towards their final position.

*At participating practices


Occasional checkups
Your local MiSmile Network dentist will carefully monitor your progress with checkups every six to eight weeks. This way we can make sure your teeth are moving as per your treatment plan. These checkups will be in-practice, or virtually if your local dentist uses a DentalMonitoring ScanBox - a digital way to track your treatment from home. At your in-practice checkups you’ll also be given your next series of aligners.


Smile - you’re done!
In as little as four months you can reveal your new straight smile! After you finish your Invisalign treatment, many of our providers include free teeth whitening for a sparking straight smile, and retainers to keep your smile perfect for years to come.

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Over 120 MiSmile Network practices across the UK