Smile Story: Mikala’s Invisalign Story

Invisalign can change your life.

Your smile is a huge part of how others see you and how you see yourself. We wanted to take a look at what Mikala, one of Invisalign’s happy customers, had to say about her Invisalign journey.

Before Mikala started her Invisalign treatment, she felt paranoid about her front teeth. They were much more forward than the rest of her teeth which made her feel uncomfortable, especially at side angles in photographs. She felt that her teeth were always on her mind when she was speaking to people and that made her feel self conscious.

Mikala didn’t even consider traditional metal braces as she wanted an adult option. She choose Invisalign to straighten her teeth as she liked that they were clear so no one would have to know that she was having treatment. She liked that her Invisalign aligners could be removed before she ate and she liked feeling as though she wasn’t having any treatment at all!

Throughout her Invisalign treatment, Mikala kept her friends updated on her treatment progress with photos, although if she’d chosen not to tell her friends then they probably wouldn’t have even noticed that she was wearing aligners!

After completing her Invisalign treatment, Mikala felt that her brand new smile had brought her confidence and fantastic results. She commented that “your smile is everything, especially as a woman” and she spoke of how Invisalign treatment had made a big impact on her life.

Mikala stressed that she wished that she had chosen Invisalign treatment sooner as it was worth every penny. She also said that her teeth were no longer an obsession, removing her initial worries.

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