Invisalign treatment has now been recognised as a mainstream orthodontic system!

For the first time, Align Technology (the makers of Invisalign) have now made their Invisalign University Programme available to students at all universities - with no expensive fees preventing any students from learning the Invisalign treatment system.

Dentists wishing to become orthodontics must take part in a post graduate course, which the Invisalign University Programme is now an integral part. This mainstream recognition of Invisalign means that more dentists will be trained to deliver it and that more patients will be given Invisalign treatment as an option if it’s relevant to them.

Align Technology are making their training programme accessible to students in all universities by ensuring that there is no extra cost for Invisalign training in postgraduate university courses. Each university who have signed up to teach the programme to their students will receive a University Kit, containing Invisalign materials and access to the ClinCheck software programme.

What does this news mean for patients?

Although patients will now have more choice on where they have their treatment, they will also need to be more discerning over the quality and skill of their orthodontist or dentist.

The MiSmile Network is made up of over 100 clinics across the UK, each with highly-skilled and trained Invisalign dentists. There’s no need to hunt around for a skilled Invisalign dentist when you can choose the nearest clinic to your location from the MiSmile Network.

All clinics in the MiSmile Network believe in providing the highest standard of Invisalign treatment to each and every patient. Find out where your nearest MiSmile Network clinic is and take your first step towards Invisalign treatment by clicking here and scheduling a free consultation.

Find out more about Invisalign here.

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