Invisalign clear aligners are designed to treat a range of dental problems. Three very different MiSmile Network patients show us the results of their treatment.

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Alison Before Alison After


Alison wore fixed braces as a child but suffered a relapse after not wearing retainers. Her customer-facing job as a hotel manager meant she felt self conscious about the way her teeth looked. After having Invisalign treatment with The MiSmile Network Alison has confidence in her smile again. Her only regret is not having treatment with us sooner.

Lois Before Lois After


The gap between Lois’ front two teeth was larger than the width of two £1 coins. Lois had always been conscious of her teeth, and she had put up with many negative comments and bullying throughout formative years. Invisalign treatment was life changing for Lois. Her smile changed dramatically after just nine months. She was a new, more confident person.

Vicky Before Vicky After


Vicky was certain that there wasn’t enough room in her jaw for all of her teeth to fit comfortably. At 26 years old, her smile was overcrowded. Her doctor informed her that crowded teeth could lead to tooth decay and an increase risk of gum disease. Vicky was treated with Invisalign clear aligners over the course of about 10 months – and she is delighted with the results.

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