Invisalign Results—Smile Stories from Invisalign Patients

If you’re thinking about straightening your teeth with Invisalign, you’re facing an exciting and important decision.

As you learn more about this state-of-the-art technology and how it corrects your crooked teeth, it’s important to gather as much information as possible so you feel confident in your decision.

One important part of the decision-making process is considering the Invisalign results other patients have experienced.

Hearing the smile stories of others allows you to have a glimpse of the benefits you will enjoy once embarking upon your Invisalign journey.

Here are three stories that highlight the Invisalign results you can experience when you choose Invisalign’s clear aligners.

Invisalign Results: John Comerford’s Story

Other people thought John had a nice smile, but he didn’t think so. Even though John received compliments, he was bothered by the imperfections of his teeth. As John explains, “I wasn’t 100% comfortable with my smile.”

Straightening his teeth with Invisalign helped John’s negative emotions and positively impacted how he interacts with others as a business owner.

Click here to hear John explain his Invisalign results and how they increased his confidence.

Like John, you may receive compliments about your smile—but you find them hard to accept because you are dissatisfied with your teeth.

If you struggle with self-consciousness over your malocclusion, traditional metal braces may only increase your embarrassment.

To see if Invisalign can ease the awkwardness of orthodontic treatment, consider if…

  • You routinely think about your smile during social interactions.
  • You try to avoid smiling or laughing in company.
  • You avoid group pictures, videos and selfies.

Invisalign Results: Claire Turley’s Story

It was the beginning of the new year when Claire decided it was time to straighten her teeth with Invisalign. For Claire, being able to see how her teeth would look after treatment with the ClinCheck was a benefit of her Invisalign treatment.

If you feel as if your smile is holding you back from reaching your potential, you’ll enjoy hearing what Claire has to say.

Watch Claire explain the impact of Invisalign on her confidence to achieve new goals.

Invisalign Results: Miriam Shaheen’s Story

In Miriam’s life, a malocclusion had drastic, negative effects on her day-to-day interactions. In her own words, “Prior to the treatment, I was very self-aware, very self-conscious. I don’t think I smiled at all.”

However, things took a happy turn when Miriam began to think about Invisalign thanks to a friend’s positive Invisalign results. Once she started treatment, Miriam began to straighten her smile while enjoying how her clear aligners concealed her orthodontic treatment.

Listen to Miriam describe how Invisalign positively impacted her happiness and even her sociability.

As these three smile stories demonstrate, your Invisalign results can provide everything from improved confidence in your job to greater sociability with others.

In addition to these benefits, Invisalign’s clear aligners will also help you experience…

  • Easy oral hygiene. No longer worry about food and plaque becoming stuck to your braces. Enjoy how your removable aligners allow you to easily clean your teeth.
  • The freedom to eat anything you like. With traditional braces, you’ll need to avoid foods that damage your brackets and archwires. With Invisalign, simply pop out your clear braces to eat any foods you please.
  • A convenient treatment process. Instead of having regular adjustments to your archwires, you’ll simply exchange old aligners for new ones to gradually straighten your smile.

There’s no need to wonder if you can enjoy these Invisalign results. Discover how soon you can start your Invisalign treatment when you schedule a free consultation at your local MiSmile location .

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