How Long Does Invisalign Take?

Invisalign braces are one of the most popular teeth straightening products on the market, with 15 million people having already used them to get their perfect smile. The price of Invisalign braces does not need to be high, either. With a MiSmile Invisalign provider prices can start from as little as £28 per month, though this is dependent on your individual case complexity, length of treatment, and the practice you choose to visit.

As it can be such an affordable treatment, one of the main questions people have about it is “how long does Invisalign take?”

A standard Invisalign braces procedure

Each individual will have a slightly different experience with Invisalign braces depending on the condition of their smile, but the process always starts with advanced 3D computer-imaging technology that builds up a picture of the mouth. It can then be used to demonstrate what changes can be made to the teeth through the use of Invisalign braces and by doing this, a complete treatment plan is drawn up.

Sets of clear aligners are then made to be worn for the treatment and in a typical course, each series should be worn for around a week. Overall, Invisalign braces tend to take between four and 16 months to work their magic and the average length of time for the treatment to be effective is around 12 months. Despite these estimates, how long Invisalign will take to straighten teeth is still dependent on the patient’s reaction to the treatment.

There are a few things people using Invisalign braces can do to make sure the process is as swift and hassle-free as possible. Wearing the Invisalign braces for around 22 hours a day – they should be taken out for eating, drinking and cleaning – will ensure they straighten teeth as quickly as possible.

Once the last aligner has been taken out, the patient will be advised to wear a retainer for a set amount of time. This is a crucial part of the Invisalign braces process as this is when teeth are fixed into the ideal position to get that dream smile.

How much do Invisalign braces cost?

Among the top benefits of Invisalign braces is that individuals have the chance to spread the cost of their treatment over a set period of time to make it very affordable. This set period may be determined by how long the Invisalign treatment will last. By having Invisalign braces fitted through one of the MiSmile Network of over 100 dental practices across the UK, the cost of the treatment can be cut to as little as just £28 a month. That works out at about £1 a day and a price really cannot be put on the extra confidence and boost to self-esteem that a person gets from having a perfect smile. Spreading the cost of Invisalign braces is a great way to make sure the treatment is affordable and as the aligners work gradually, it makes good financial sense to pay for them in instalments too.

One of the best advantages of using Invisalign braces is that they are almost completely invisible, meaning individuals do not have to feel at all self-conscious about their dental treatment. They can also be easily removed and should be taken out to eat, making sure people get regular breaks from wearing the aligners. They are easy to clean and put back in place afterwards too.

Over 15 million people have already used Invisalign braces to achieve their perfect smile and with a low monthly cost starting from £28, many more will be joining them.

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