Adult Braces—Straight Smiles for Those over 18

Having misaligned teeth when you’re over 18 may only increase the embarrassment of your malocclusion.

While crooked teeth can seem normal for a seven-year-old, an overbite, underbite, large gap or other dental problem can increase your self-consciousness as you grow older.

If you’re an adult needing braces, you may wish you had straightened your teeth as a teen—when orthodontic treatment was an easier, less-complicated decision.

The good news is adult braces are a growing trend.

You’re never too old to straighten your teeth, and millions of adults have chosen orthodontic treatments past the age of 18.

To increase your confidence in adult braces, here are a few facts you might want to know:

Adults Braces—By the Numbers

Invisalign has perfected more than 15 million smiles across the world.

Millions of people over 18 have chosen adult braces, and this growing acceptance can ease any awkwardness you may feel about orthodontic treatment.

Why Adult Braces Are Popular

There are a number of possible reasons why adult braces are gaining popularity. From cosmetic improvements to functional benefits, orthodontic treatment provides several advantages.

Here are some motivations people may have for starting orthodontic treatment as an adult…

  • Improved appearance. This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of getting braces. Straightening your teeth can go a long way toward enhancing your appearance with a beautiful smile.
  • Decreased self-consciousness. Without a doubt, a malocclusion can severely diminish your confidence. Fixing your malocclusion can help you focus on your interactions with others instead of worrying about your crooked teeth.
  • Improved speech. As Healthline explains, having crooked teeth can create speech problems such as a lisp. Adult braces can help correct this functional—and embarrassing—problem.

Adult Braces without the Metal

Perhaps you’ve considered adult braces, but don’t relish the idea of drawing attention to your smile as you undergo treatment.

The good news is there are better options for straightening your teeth than settling for traditional metal braces.

You can straighten your teeth without the embarrassment or inconvenience of having metal brackets and archwires in your mouth when you choose Invisalign’s clear aligners.

With Invisalign, you’ll gradually straighten your teeth over a series of clear aligners, and, during the process, you’ll be able to…

  • Smile with confidence because your treatment is barely noticeable.
  • Communicate with ease, knowing that others aren’t distracted by your treatment as you interact and talk.
  • Enjoy whatever foods you wish as your aligners are completely removable.
  • Clean your teeth without worrying about damaging your braces.
  • Move from one treatment phase to the next without undergoing an adjustment.

Enjoying each of these benefits starts with determining if Invisalign is right for you.

To start the Invisalign process and take steps toward a beautiful and healthy smile, simply book your free consultation at your local MiSmile Invisalign provider.

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