Your Important Invisalign Questions Answered

If you’re an adult with a malocclusion, deciding whether to straighten your teeth is complicated.

Many individuals receive orthodontic treatment during their teenage years. Not surprisingly, the burden of the decision is on the parents to research treatment options, select an orthodontist and make a final choice.

However, as an adult, the decision is your own.

If you’re researching Invisalign as an option for discreetly straightening your teeth, you may have a number of Invisalign questions you need answered. In this article, we’ll address a few of your potential questions and provide you with some important information for your consideration.

Does Invisalign Only Treat Easy Orthodontic Cases?

You may have many Invisalign questions, but if your malocclusion is more than a cosmetic issue, this question may top your list: can Invisalign straighten a serious malocclusion?

While traditional braces use metal brackets and archwires to move your teeth into place, Invisalign aligners use a clear plastic material called SmartTrack to straighten your teeth. However, don’t underestimate the power of your plastic aligners to treat your malocclusion.

According to Invisalign, your aligners have the power to correct your…

  • Underbite.
  • Overbite.
  • Open bite.
  • Crossbite.
  • Gapped teeth.
  • Crowded teeth.

For a real-life example, check out this article to see how Invisalign transformed the smile of Selina Hearn, who suffered from a severely gapped bite.

How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Take?

According to Invisalign, it may only be 12 months before you have a beautiful, glowing smile. However, it’s important to note that Invisalign states this figure is only an average. Each case is different, and your malocclusion may take more or less time to correct. Your trusted Invisalign provider will be sure to walk you through your personal treatment and discuss timelines with you in depth.

However long your treatment lasts, the good news is Invisalign’s recent advancements mean you’ll experience quicker results than other patients have in the past.

Will Invisalign Hurt?

Perhaps this is one of the most important Invisalign questions.

Shifting your teeth from their accustomed position is bound to increase your discomfort. But you’re probably wondering if Invisalign aligners are significantly more painful than metal braces.

In 2014, Progress in Orthodontics released an important study comparing Invisalign patients, patients with braces and patients using both treatments. In the conclusion of the study, researchers found…

“Invisalign offers less pain compared to the traditional edgewise treatment…”

In other words, traditional braces (referred to as edgewise treatment) can cause you to experience more pain than opting for Invisalign.

In addition to consulting research, you should probably talk to former Invisalign patients about their treatment. Ask your local orthodontist to refer you to previous patients so you can hear their experiences firsthand!

Can I Take My Aligners Out?

To put it simply, yes. One of the most important aspects of your Invisalign aligners is that they’re removable. It’s a feature that’s especially valuable for…

  • Important meals and social activities. Easily slip your aligners off for that important dinner or coffee date.
  • Oral hygiene. No longer worry about brushing between wires and using a floss threader. Invisalign ensures you’ll brush and floss your teeth without any inconvenience.
  • Treatment changes. As your smile becomes straighter and straighter, you’ll move from one phase to the next without an orthodontic adjustment. All you’ll do is take off your old aligner to put on your new one.

Researching your treatment options doesn’t have to be complex. You can have your additional Invisalign questions answered and understand more about clear aligners when you schedule an appointment with your local MiSmile Invisalign orthodontist.

To see if Invisalign is your best option, take advantage of a free consultation from your local MiSmile Invisalign provider.




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