The Unexpected (And Surprising) Health Benefit of Invisalign!

Did you know that Invisalign is good for your oral and physical health?

It’s a well known fact that Invisalign can give you a stunning brand new smile, but did you know that you can also get an unexpected health benefit when having the treatment?

When having Invisalign, you’re required to wear your almost invisible aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day, only removing them to eat and to brush your teeth. It’s recommended that you follow the required wear time for your aligners so that the treatment can work on your teeth. Through following this required wear time, patients who have had treatment have noticed that they’ve lost weight – an unexpected health benefit of invisible aligners!

Not only will you get a gorgeous brand new smile, you can also lose weight too!

Invisalign isn’t just a treatment, it’s a lifestyle.

Patients have reported that they are less likely to eat junk food and to snack whilst they are having treatment, as you have to remove your braces before eating and brush your teeth before putting in your aligners again.

Many patients have said that by sticking to the recommended aligner wear time, they have been able to plan their meals better and cut out unhealthy and fatty snacks.

Whilst wearing your aligners, it’s also recommend that you avoid fizzy drinks (as they can stain your aligners) so patients have said that cutting fizzy drinks from their diet has helped them to lose weight.

Helping patients to lose weight is an unexpected benefit of Invisalign treatment but it is one that many patients have enjoyed. A new smile really can change your life for the better.

Improve your oral health and your physical health with Invisalign, the treatment that will make you into a super smiler!

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