Simple Cleaning Methods: The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Invisalign

When you get your first set of aligners, you may wonder how you can prolong their freshness. There are many methods on how to clean Invisalign properly. In contrast, there are incorrect cleaning methods that damage the aligners. Some people prefer to use professional retainer cleaning products, while others prefer to use simple home cleaning methods.

Professional cleaning products

We recommend that you use Retainer Brite a couple of times a week to keep your aligners crystal clear. This professional cleaning product is an effervescing tablet that kills bacteria on your invisible braces. It also helps prevent white plaque from building up on the aligners. Fortunately, it is in the form of individually foil-sealed tablets, which you can bring with you to the office or when you are travelling.

The correct process of using this is by dropping only one tablet in warm tap water and soaking your aligners for fifteen minutes. Afterwards, you should thoroughly rinse it with warm water and dry it with a clean, soft cloth. Alternatively, you may also opt to use other professional retainer cleaning products, but it is always good to consult your orthodontist before using other products.

Try these cleaning methods at home

Besides using professional cleaning products, you can use inexpensive home cleaning methods that can keep your aligners fresh. One simple home method is using hydrogen peroxide. This colourless liquid is suitable for cleaning Invisalign since it has anti-bacterial properties. Use this by soaking your aligners in a solution that is half peroxide and half water for twenty minutes.

You can also gently brush your aligners using antibacterial liquid hand or dish soap. Using these two kinds of soap is an easy way to remove bacteria that accumulates on Invisalign. After brushing, make sure you give them a good rinse before putting it back in your mouth. It is highly recommended that you set aside a different toothbrush that is exclusively for brushing your aligners.

Incorrect ways to clean Invisalign

You may be wondering, is toothpaste and mouthwash suitable to clean Invisalign? Well, you may think it is, but the truth is that it damages the aligners. If you use toothpaste to brush your aligners, it will gradually form micro-scratches on the aligner’s surface. It can also create small traps for bacteria to dwell. Similarly, mouthwash can also damage Invisalign. Soaking your invisible braces in mouthwash can discolour the aligners based on the colour of the mouthwash.

If you make sure to clean your aligners properly, you must also maintain good oral hygiene. Invisalign has a fitted form; this means that you should always practice good oral hygiene after eating since bits of food can get stuck in between your teeth when you put back your clear aligners. Maintaining good oral hygiene can also maintain the freshness of your invisible braces.

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