MiSmile Partners with Operation Smile to Change Lives

When you think of straightening your teeth, you might picture how your new smile will transform your life and help you escape the embarrassment, self-consciousness and awkwardness of a malocclusion.

But you probably don’t consider how correcting your crooked teeth can help transform the smile of an underprivileged child across the globe.

However, MiSmile is working to accomplish both goals by partnering with Operation Smile.

Keep on reading to discover how we’re collaborating with this incredible organisation to change the lives of those in need… and how you can help.

What is the mission of Operation Smile?

Operation Smile is a nonprofit organisation with a vision to provide free, safe cleft lip and palate repair surgeries to children suffering from craniofacial abnormalities.

One of the ways they accomplish this goal is through medical missions—an event that brings together international and local medical volunteer teams to change the lives of approximately 120 children and young adults.

As Operation Smile explains, these medical program teams include…

  • Surgeons.
  • Anaesthetists.
  • Nurses.
  • Dentists.
  • Speech language pathologists.
  • And more.

Together, each team member helps create a turning point in the lives of the children Operation Smile treats.

How is MiSmile partnering with Operation Smile?

At MiSmile, we are honoured to announce that we’re teaming up with Operation Smile to lend our support for their cause.

One of our MiSmile dentists, Rob Dorrington, will soon be travelling to Africa on an Operation Smile medical mission.

While Rob has been creating beautiful smiles at Inglewood House Dental Practice, he’ll bring his expertise to transform the smiles of children in Ghana.

Here’s what he had to say about this upcoming opportunity:

Training as a dentist, you learn about the science behind the causes of cleft lip and palate and how it can be treated, but you don’t really understand the psychological effect it has on the person or their family.

The opportunity to go out and experience first-hand the work that is done will give me my own personal story. This story would allow me to talk to other dentists, friends and members of the network to explain why it’s so important this work must be done.

How can I help Operation Smile?

While MiSmile dentist Rob Dorrington is furthering the cause Operation Smile, as an organisation, MiSmile is lending support in a special way that allows you to participate too.

Even though you can’t travel to another continent to provide life-changing medical support, you can further Operation Smile’s mission.

When you choose to straighten your teeth with Invisalign at a MiSmile location, we’ll donate part of your payment to Operation Smile.

Not only will you support a child who needs cleft lip or palate surgery, but you’ll also straighten your own smile with Invisalign’s innovative technology. Invisalign’s clear aligners empower you to…

  • Smile with confidence. Invisalign’s clear plastic material discretely conceals your orthodontic treatment. There’s no need to hide your smile as you straighten your teeth.
  • Conveniently keep your teeth clean. When it’s time to brush or floss, you can easily pop out Invisalign to maintain oral hygiene.
  • Eat any meal. Thanks to your removable aligners, you can eat any meal or snack you wish. There are no foods you can’t enjoy.

Transform your own smile and the smiles of children in need.

Find your nearest MiSmile Invisalign Provider today, and schedule your free consultation.

Make a direct donation to Operation Smile to change the smiles and lives many around the world.

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