MiSmile Conference & Gala 2022

Thank you – we’re Stronger Together

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all our MiSmilers who attended our annual Conference & Gala this May. After three years apart due to Covid, it was absolutely amazing to get our MiSmile community in one room, for a day of learning and celebration, and an evening of entertainment!

Our Network is now over 100 practices strong, and fostering our community is more important than ever – which is why our Conference theme this year was Stronger Together.

Being a MiSmiler means you’re not going it alone. You can leverage the wide, collective knowledge of our team at MiSmile HQ, as well as the knowledge of the hundred Invisalign Providers that form our community. We are here every step of your journey; to help build your business, advance your clinical skills, and enhance your team’s expertise too.

It was a privilege to come together for the Conference & Gala, and see how strong we are together.

Our Conference Speakers

This year we welcomed a brilliant lineup of speakers, including:

Daniel Priestley – author of Key Person of Influence
Justin Leigh – Focus 4 Growth
Shaz MemonDigimax Dental
Dr Teki SowdaniTeeth by Teki
Ramin Semsar – Clinics.co.uk
Lee Taylor and Markus Sebastian – Align Technology

Key Announcements

Mastering your Invisalign Business – the Book

Founder and CEO, Dr Sandeep Kumar, has just launched his first book – Mastering your Invisalign Business. After the enormous success of Sandeep’s Mastering your Invisalign Business experience, he decided to put pen to paper and disclose all of his Invisalign business secrets, as well as charting his own journey from India to owner of multiple million-pound Invisalign businesses.

If you have ever wondered how Sandeep did it – and how you can do the same – this is a must-read. Order your copy of Mastering your Invisalign Business on Amazon here.

Mastering your Invisalign Business – the Podcast

We’re really excited to announce that Sandeep has also started a podcast! By his own admission, Sandeep’s Invisalign journey has been a rollercoaster. But his constant throughout has been the inspiration and motivation he gets from working with others in the industry.

Sandeep’s new podcast – Mastering your Invisalign Business – is really simple. Every week he’ll go behind the scenes with his guests. What is it like to be a dental entrepreneur? What does it take to build a successful business? And how has Invisalign impacted their world?

Each episode will be released at 7am on a Monday morning – simply search for Mastering Invisalign in your podcast app and subscribe, or listen to Mastering your Invisalign Business here.

Raise a Smile Charity Gala

Not only was our Gala the perfect opportunity to let our hair down, it was also all in support of an excellent cause!

Every year we support the fantastic charity Operation Smile with our Gala. Operation Smile does vital work to provide life-changing cleft surgery and comprehensive care to those that need it the most, as well as giving the resources and training to local healthcare providers so they can continue to serve their communities.

We’re delighted to announce at this year’s gala dinner we raised… £13,690

This is a phenomenal contribution from our MiSmilers and sponsors. A big thank you to everyone who bidded in our auction, bought raffle tickets, and played the casino tables!

In total we have now raised almost £150,000 for Operation Smile. Each smile surgery costs Operation Smile £150 to perform, so our MiSmilers’ generosity has created 1,000 new smiles – here’s to the next thousand!

We hope all our MiSmilers had a productive day and wonderful evening; we hope to see you all at the Conference & Gala next year!

Stronger together. Stronger than ever.

If you’re an Invisalign provider that would like to become part of our MiSmile community, please head over to join.mismile.co.uk to find out more.

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