Is Anyone Too Old for Orthodontics?

When it comes to teeth straightening, metal braces always come to mind. And who usually wears these contraptions? Young kids and teens. However, the chance to have perfectly aligned teeth shouldn’t be limited to kids. In recent years, many adults have been undergoing orthodontic treatments.

When is the Right Time?

Ideally, kids and teens between the age of 10 and 14 should seriously consider having braces or other orthodontic treatment. At this age, problems with the alignment of permanent teeth will be easy to spot. This is the earliest age at which orthodontists create treatment plans. As the teeth are already permanent, the results will continue into adulthood.

So, Is it Too Late for Adults?

The fact of the matter is, regardless of your age, your smile is always very important. Braces, whether traditional or modern, are also designed to help adults fix the alignment of their teeth.

Fixing your teeth in adulthood can give many benefits. The most common reason people get braces is so that they can have better smiles. By wearing braces, one may achieve perfectly-spaced teeth.

But, Does Age Matter?

Luckily for adult patients, age doesn’t tend to be important when being considered for orthodontic treatment. What dentists will be looking at is the current state of your teeth. They will check the number of remaining teeth you have and their integrity. Past treatments (root canals, implants, veneers, etc.) that have already been applied to your teeth can influence the efficacy of the orthodontic treatment.

Adults Have Other Options

Decades ago, metal braces were the only option for teeth alignment. With the advances in orthodontics in recent years, many more options have emerged for teeth realignment. One of them is invisible clear braces. Solutions such as Invisalign are virtually indiscernible. In addition, they can be taken off for short periods, for example, during special events or important meetings.

Invisible clear braces tend to be more hygienic than fixed braces. They can be taken out before meals and replaced after brushing the teeth. The trays are also periodically replaced, so the aligners stay fresh throughout the course of treatment.

Avoiding Future Problems

One very crucial benefit to obtaining orthodontic treatment in adulthood is that it can stop further complications developing. Dental misalignment can cause many problems, even in adulthood. This can include teeth growing into each other or the development of irregular gaps between teeth which create hotbeds for cavities to form. A problem with the bite can also create gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion.

Teeth Can Move at Any Age

Many adults shy away from getting orthodontic treatment, believing that teeth stop being receptive to the treatment at a certain age. This is untrue. Teeth can move at any age. That’s why it is possible to get your teeth straightened even if you’re older than most patients. Even if you had healthy straight teeth as a younger person, you might develop crooked teeth in adulthood because of accidents or practices that have harmed them.

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