invisalign: The Cost of a Brand New Smile

So you’re thinking of getting invisible braces? Amazed at its numerous benefits? However, you have one important question. How much does Invisalign cost? Generally, it’s between £2,500 and £4,500. However, if you only require minor tooth movement, the price could start at as little as £1,700.

Dependent on specific dental situations

Similar to most orthodontic treatments, the price is dependent on the level of treatment you will require. Some alignments are simple, which only require a basic smile assessment and only a few sets of aligners. However, some cases may require preparatory treatment such as tooth extractions or gum contouring surgery before Invisalign. These cases can bring additional costs to the entire procedure of aligning your teeth.

The differing needs of each patient means it is impossible for Invisalign to have one price that applies to every patient. You should consult your orthodontist to get a proper estimate of the cost of your own treatment plan using Invisalign clear aligners.

MiSmile’s financial options

In the UK, Invisalign is competitively priced when compared to other teeth alignment treatments. Usually, the price of Invisalign treatment is comparable to traditional metal braces. Invisible braces may cost you from as low as £28 per month. Our flexible financing options make Invisalign affordable for patients interested in the treatment.

Invisalign is a great option to straighten your teeth since we offer various payment options that best suit your budget. We highly encourage you to go to your nearest MiSmile Provider for a free consultation on how much your treatment will cost.

Invisalign finance calculator

Did you know that we offer a free, online finance calculator? Our online calculator informs you how much you would need to pay based on a six to sixty monthly repayment schemes. Simply put the cost of your Invisalign treatment and your deposit value into the calculator, then click ‘calculate’ and view how much your monthly repayment will be.

Based on our finance options, we offer an interest-free representative of 0% annual payment rate for six, ten and twelve months. On the other hand, a 9.9% annual payment rate is available for two to five years. Each of the rates can be further clarified by our team of experts.

The MiSmile Network

The MiSmile Network is one of the biggest networks of Invisalign Providers. It comprises more than 120 independent practitioners all across the UK. Invisalign has treated more than 15 million patients. Every member of the MiSmile network is passionate about helping every patient to create their perfect smile using the latest teeth straightening techniques.

Invisalign is a discreet teeth straightening treatment that is custom made for every patient’s need. The clear aligners are removable and provide the utmost comfort. The device is the best way to achieve your dream smile without disrupting your lifestyle.

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