Digital Scanning With The iTero Intraoral Scanner

Wave goodbye to the past and say hello to the future.

Thanks to the iTero Intraoral Scanner, physical teeth impressions may now be a thing of the past.

Wave goodbye to messy and time consuming physical impressions and say hello to quick, easy and clean digital scans.

The iTero scanner provides a clear portrayal of teeth and oral health, so you can see in real time what your dentist is explaining to you. See for yourself the alignment of your teeth as your dentist talks you through your Invisalign treatment plan.

The scanner is also integrated with the Invisalign outcome simulator. You don’t have to imagine what your Invisalign outcome will be, you can see it right in front of you with your accurate teeth scans before you even begin treatment. Just one scan of your teeth can provide you with an accurate digital mould of what your teeth will look like at each stage of the Invisalign treatment plan.

Engage with your teeth and oral health with the iTero Intraoral Scanner

The scanner ensures that your Invisalign aligners are a perfect fit for your teeth, that you have a more comfortable and easy dental appointment and that you are able to engage with your oral health.

While physical impressions are messy and can make some patients uncomfortable, the iTero scanning process is clean, easy and between 5-15 minutes long – meaning that your appointments at the dentist are quick and easy.

Invisalign treatment with the MiSmile Network has never been easier! Choose your nearest clinic and book your consultation appointment to find out what the Invisalign system can do for you. To begin your Invisalign journey today, find your nearest MiSmile Network clinic.

More information about the iTero scanner can be found here, and you can find out more about Invisalign treatment here.

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