Can I Straighten My Teeth with a Retainer? What You Need to Know

Wearing traditional metal braces can not only be embarrassing and uncomfortable, but it can also come with a set of challenges.

Specifically, having a mouth full of metal makes it difficult to keep your teeth clean or eat the foods you wish.

If you’re an adult with a malocclusion, factors like these can drive you to look for nontraditional ways of aligning your smile, and you might be wondering…

Can I straighten my teeth with a traditional retainer?

Perhaps you know people who’ve enhanced their smile with a retainer, or maybe you’ve done some online research for using your typical retainer to correct crooked teeth.

While it’s true that retainers can be both removable and less conspicuous than metal braces, making the choice to straighten your teeth with a retainer isn’t a simple decision.

Keep on reading to discover some must-know facts on this topic…

Can you straighten teeth with a retainer?

In general, traditional retainers are an important part of the post-treatment process once you’ve corrected your misaligned bite with braces. However, sometimes retainers are actually used to correct malocclusions.

Hawley retainers, which consist of removable metal wires and acrylic, can allow some patients to straighten their teeth without fixed orthodontic appliances.

If you’re looking for a convenient, less embarrassing solution to achieve straight teeth, information like this can cause you to abandon the idea of braces in favor of removable retainers.

But before you jump to a decision, there are other factors you need to consider…

When Are Braces the Right Choice?

Even if correcting your malocclusion with traditional retainers is a viable option, WebMD states that retainers “treat minor orthodontic problems.” In other words, you can’t expect your typical retainer to correct severe orthodontic challenges.

On top of this, iDentity Orthodontics warns:

Retainers should never be used instead of braces to correct an orthodontic issue. If you close a gap in one place in the mouth, chances are you are creating another one somewhere else.

At best, standard retainers can correct a limited number of small dental problems (which is no comfort if your malocclusion isn’t minor). At worst, retainers aren’t even an option when it comes to straightening your teeth.

Is There a Better Alternative?

If you have a malocclusion—but still dislike traditional braces—there’s no need to be discouraged if you can’t straighten your teeth with a retainer.

When you don’t know where to turn, rely on Invisalign.

While Invisalign may look like a retainer, it’s a far different option.

In fact, Invisalign is a set of clear braces that effectively align your smile and help you experience a confidence that’s far greater than that of a retainer.

From open bites to gapped teeth, Invisalign leverages innovative technology to correct a wide range of dental issues. On top of that, your Invisalign aligners are…

  • Discreet. Better than retainers or metal braces, Invisalign braces are clear and translucent, helping you conceal your orthodontic treatment.
  • Removable. When it comes time to eat a meal or clean your teeth, there’s no need to manoeuvre around annoying brackets and archwires. Simply pop out your aligners to enjoy your food and keep your smile free of decay.
  • Convenient. Bringing your teeth one step closer to a beautiful smile is simple. Instead of enduring an orthodontic adjustment, you’ll remove your current set of aligners and replace them with new ones.

With Invisalign on your side, there’s no need to settle for an ineffective retainer or inconvenient and embarrassing braces.

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