7 Signs You Need Adult Braces

You know your teeth aren’t exactly straight, but you’re still unconvinced you need adult braces. You prolong your procrastination with thoughts, such as…

Out of all the friends I have, I’ll be the only adult straightening my teeth.

My life is too complicated to take on a new responsibility.

It’s too late for me to do anything about my crooked teeth.

If you struggle with thoughts of embarrassment, apprehension or discouragement over your smile, the good news is you can straighten your teeth easily and discretely. The first step, however, is coming to a settled decision about your need for adult braces.

Consider if the following 7 descriptions fit you. If you experience several of the difficulties listed here, it may be time to take action to correct your smile.

  1. Your teeth have become increasingly crooked.

You can develop a malocclusion during your adult years—even if you didn’t have crooked teeth previously. Here are some possible reasons:

  • Injury
  • Tongue thrust
  • Natural growth

It may be time to consider adult braces if you have these challenges.

  1. You have problems articulating your words.

Perhaps you’ve always struggled with pronunciation. What you may not know is that this could be linked to your crooked smile.

According to a 2016 study published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, articulation problems are associated with malocclusions, especially open bites.

If your occupation is in the public sphere or if your job performance is dependent on your verbal communication, it may be a wise idea to fix your malocclusion.

  1. You are hesitant to smile.

Embarrassment is another factor in your decision to consider adult braces. Crooked teeth can hinder a spontaneous smile. You may also feel self-conscious during pictures at family or social gatherings. An orthodontic treatment, especially an invisible one, can help you regain the confidence you need to grin again.

  1. You have difficulty cleaning your teeth.

If your teeth are crowded or crooked, maintaining proper oral hygiene can be an issue. Food may stick between your teeth during a meal. When you floss or brush, it may take extra effort to clean your teeth.

With adult braces, you can remedy this problem. Once your teeth are straightened, you may find some of your cleaning difficulties have disappeared.

  1. You have a poor bite.

A malocclusion doesn’t just involve crooked teeth. It also involves a bite that doesn’t fit together correctly. Take a look in the mirror, or feel inside of your mouth with your tongue.

Notice if you have a space between your top and bottom teeth. If you lack a normal bite, you may want to consider straightening your teeth, especially since your dental problems can cause you to suffer from the following challenge.

6. You experience eating difficulties.

When your teeth lack a proper bite, you may find your eating habits tend to compensate for your malocclusion. Next time you eat a meal, mentally note how you bite into your food. See if you favor one area of your mouth over another. If your teeth are causing you to alter your eating habits, then you may need adult braces.

  1. You’ve neglected your straightened teeth.

Even if you had braces as a teen, this doesn’t mean your teeth will stay straight. If you neglect to use your retainer, it’s no surprise your perfectly straight teeth have reverted to their usual positions and your smile has become somewhat irregular.

To return to your straight smile, you’ll need to find an orthodontic treatment to undo your neglect.

If you need metal braces but don’t like the challenges that come with them, you can still correct your smile… without changing your diet or significantly altering your appearance.

Invisalign provides clear plastic aligners that invisibly straighten your teeth. You’ll also gain the ability to remove your clear aligners for eating, brushing and flossing.

To see if Invisalign is your alternative to adult braces, visit a MiSmile Invisalign provider and book a free consultation today..

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