5 Reasons Invisalign Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

‘Tis the season of giving, and it’s time to celebrate!

Showing your loved ones that you care by giving them gifts is a special and heart-warming part of this time of year.

That said, it’s also a wonderful time to reflect on the past year, celebrate personal accomplishments and reward yourself for the goals you’ve achieved.

Gifts to yourself can come in all forms—whether they be a new laptop, a trip to the seaside or spending a day at the spa.

However, for many, straighter teeth and a healthy smile can be a significant and long-lasting gift that will change your life for the better.

Understandably, you may hesitate choosing traditional metal braces for a range of reasons.

From their undesirable appearance that makes you feel as if you’re in primary school to having to adapt your diet and limit some of your favorite foods, metal braces have a number of drawbacks.

That’s why, for many, Invisalign rises above the other options as the winning way to straighten teeth.

Using a series of invisible aligners custom made for your teeth, Invisalign is a simple and ideal way to achieve that dazzling smile you’ve always wanted.

With teeth straightened by Invisalign, you can…

#1. Confidently hold conversations.

Unfortunately, whether giving a presentation at work or asking someone out on a date, crooked teeth can make you feel insecure in how others perceive you.

No matter how confident you feel about who you are, it can be difficult to feel comfortable with your physical appearance if your teeth have a crossbite, overbite or other malocclusion.

With straight teeth, you can confidently hold conversations without worrying that the other person is making judgments based on your smile.

#2. Freely laugh and talk.

Holding back from expressing ourselves is truly unfortunate.

When you have an unconventional smile, whether through wearing metal braces or having crooked teeth, it’s hard to feel free enough to laugh and talk without holding back.

With Invisalign, you’ll be able to continue to respond warmly and positively without thinking twice about how your smile appears.

#3. Easily join a group picture.

Being able to look back at photos after a fun-filled family holiday or a night out with friends is one of the many benefits of modern society.

But crooked teeth can hold you back from joining in on group pictures and enjoying those special moments.

Memories like these can’t be relived.

When you choose Invisalign this holiday season, you’ll give yourself the gift of a beautiful smile to avoid being left out.

#4. Enjoy food without hassle.

Picking food out from between your teeth can be such a pain.

Not to mention, suddenly realising that you’ve had a piece of tomato stuck between your teeth for the past hour whilst talking to colleagues… isn’t exactly a pleasant experience.

Straighter teeth means less instances of food getting caught between them—making mealtime more enjoyable and less frustrating.

#5. Maintain healthy teeth.

Malocclusions can lead to more significant dental problems if they go unfixed.

Even when you straighten your teeth with traditional metal braces, the wires and brackets make you more susceptible to a buildup of plaque, especially after meals.

As Oral B points out, allowing plaque to build up can result in tooth decay and gum disease.

By straightening your teeth and bite—without traditional braces—you can prevent dental problems and save yourself the money and inconvenience that can come from trips to the dentist.

Make the choice to give yourself the gift that keeps on giving—a straight smile with Invisalign.

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