3 Ways to Avoid Tooth Decay during Orthodontic Treatment

Tooth decay is always a threat to your beautiful smile, whether you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment or not.

However, if you choose traditional metal braces, the likelihood can increase as brackets and archwires make it easier for plaque to accumulate in your mouth after a meal.

Before you begin correcting your malocclusion, it’s important to know how to keep your mouth free of dental problems—the last thing you want is to mar your straightened smile with unsightly cavities.

Keep reading to discover 3 ways to avoid tooth decay while you’re wearing traditional metal braces.

1.Brush your teeth frequently

When it comes to keeping your smile free of decay during orthodontic treatment, brushing your teeth is crucial. As WebMD explains, “Most orthodontists recommend brushing after every meal or snack”.

However, be aware that traditional metal braces can increase the difficulty of oral hygiene. You’ll need extra commitment to brushing your teeth more often—and more carefully to avoid damaging your braces.

2.Floss your teeth regularly

Flossing your teeth is another critical element to avoiding decay during orthodontic treatment, but you may wonder if interdental cleaning is truly necessary.

Before you decide to dispense with cleaning between your teeth, even a small benefit from flossing is helpful.

With the increased risk of tooth decay, you’ll want to make flossing a regular habit in your oral hygiene routine (Oral-B recommends flossing once a day if you have braces).

However, realise you’ll experience complications due to navigating around your archwires. To properly clean between your teeth, you may need a floss threader or a water flosser.

3.Double check your metal brackets and archwires

Even the most detailed brushing and flossing routine can leave food clinging to your brackets or archwires. That’s why—no matter how carefully you’ve cleaned your teeth—you’ll want to double check your smile afterwards.

Use a small dental mirror to inspect hard-to-see areas, and make sure your molars are clear of any leftover food you can’t easily observe.

If you don’t have a mirror on hand, use your tongue to feel your metal braces. Your tongue is a sensitive organ that can easily help you spot plaque or places you’ve missed during cleaning.

While these 3 tips will help you avoid cavities during orthodontic treatment, there’s a better way to straighten your smile and avoid tooth decay—Invisalign’s clear aligners.

While you’ll need to follow proper oral hygiene while wearing Invisalign, you’ll be able to…

  • Easily remove your aligners for brushing and flossing. There will be no need to avoid damaging your orthodontic treatment device.
  • Easily reach all areas of your teeth whilst brushing. There won’t be any brackets or archwires to obstruct your cleaning.
  • Easily floss your teeth. Thanks to Invisalign, you won’t need a threader or water flosser to effectively remove plaque from between your teeth.

On top of that, with Invisalign, you’ll discreetly conceal your orthodontic treatment. Invisalign clear plastic aligners will help you avoid self-consciousness… whether you’re giving a presentation at work or joining a party in your neighbourhood.

If you’re ready to achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of and help keep your teeth clean and healthy, it’s time to see if Invisalign is your best treatment option.

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