3 Ugly Problems with Traditional Metal Braces

When it comes to making crooked smiles straight, traditional braces are often the go-to option for correcting malocclusions.

But here’s the reality…

Even though metal braces will correct your smile, that doesn’t mean they’re the best option for addressing why you originally decided to straighten your teeth…self-consciousness.

While traditional braces can remove the embarrassment that comes from crooked teeth, they can also create new reasons to avoid talking, laughing and smiling with confidence.

Before you choose fixed orthodontic appliances to treat your malocclusion, you’ll need to face the 3 ugly problems traditional metal braces can help create…

1. Yellow teeth

Unfortunately, experiencing yellow teeth with traditional braces isn’t an obscure problem. A quick search on the internet will reveal that yellow teeth are a serious threat to anyone who wears fixed orthodontic appliances.

As Forest&Ray Orthodontics points out, metal braces make oral hygiene challenging and cover parts of your smile with brackets, and the result can be yellow teeth once you’ve completed treatment.

Perhaps you always believed your teeth would be beautiful, shiny and white once your orthodontist removed your braces.

But make no mistake, traditional braces only increase the likelihood that you’ll suffer the embarrassment of discoloured teeth.

2. Demineralisation

When it comes to traditional braces, demineralisation is more than a fancy word that your dentist uses for white spots on the teeth.

It’s also another ugly problem associated with metal braces.

As we’ve written in a previous article on demineralisation, this condition simply refers to the earliest stage of a cavity, and research has shown that those with metal braces can experience demineralisation.

If you’re wondering how metal braces and demineralisation go together, Oral-B points out that “people with braces are more prone to decalcification because braces act as an excellent trap for food.”

If you’re considering traditional methods of straightening your teeth, you’ll need to face the reality that braces can mark your straight smile with unsightly white spots.

3. Gum recession

Gum recession is another ugly fact you must acknowledge as you consider treatment with traditional braces.

According to Smile Columbia Dentistry, some studies suggest that braces contribute to gum recession, explaining this might occur for two reasons:

  1. Braces increase the difficulty of cleaning your teeth, which can influence gum disease, a consequence of which is gum recession.
  2. Braces might cause your gums to detach from your teeth.

If you’re contemplating fixed orthodontic appliances, you’ll need to seriously consider how comfortable you feel with risking gum recession.

From receding gums to yellow teeth, the problems associated with traditional metal braces appear to have a common thread—the oral hygiene difficulties created by metal brackets and wiring.

If you want to straighten your teeth, but lessen your likelihood for poor oral hygiene, the good news is there’s a better option on your horizon…

A better option than traditional braces

With Invisalign’s clear aligners, you can effectively straighten your teeth and avoid poor dental hygiene for a simple reason—Invisalign is completely removable.

Unlike traditional braces, you can take your aligners out to…

  • Thoroughly clean your teeth. Because there aren’t any brackets or archwires to hinder your cleaning, you’ll give your teeth the attention they need to stay healthy and clean.
  • Eat your favorite foods. Since you can remove your clear plastic aligners for meals, there simply aren’t any foods you’ll need to forgo.
  • Transition in your treatment. With Invisalign, you’ll avoid orthodontic adjustments. To go from one stage of treatment to the next, simply replace your old aligners with your new ones.

On top of that, your clear plastic aligners will discreetly conceal your treatment, empowering you to confidently talk, laugh and smile.

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