3 Tips to Make Your Dream of Straight Teeth a Reality

Achieving straight teeth seems like a far-off dream.

Your smile is less than straight, and you want to correct your malocclusion.

But, even though you’re eager to make a decision, you can’t seem to move past researching your options, listening to opinions and dealing with internal doubts.

You’re in limbo because it may feel that correcting your malocclusion has become too complicated. Between reading online articles and listening to what your sister thinks, it’s difficult to cut through the confusion and move forward.

If this sounds like your situation, take a deep breath… and relax.

In this article, we’re sharing our 3 tips for making your dream of a straight smile become a reality. We’ll keep it simple so you walk away, ready to make a confident decision.

#1. Determine if you’re ready for treatment

To end your dilemma, the first step is determining the value you place on straight teeth as well as your readiness for treatment.

Once you’re convinced that a beautiful smile will improve your life—and that now is the time to make a change—the rest will come easier.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How will straighter teeth positively impact my day-to-day life?
  • What am I losing by not correcting my malocclusion?
  • What challenges can I overcome by straightening my crooked teeth? How important is it to me to remove these challenges?
  • Am I ready to experience the treatment journey?
  • Can I cut the morning coffee or a trip to the nail salon to invest in a beautiful smile?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll have a clearer picture of where straight teeth fit in your life.

#2. Choose the treatment that’s best for you

Another obstacle that you feel may be standing between you and straighter teeth is knowing which treatment is right for you.

From clear aligners to self-ligating braces, your options are numerous, and it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed by blog posts, friends’ opinions, internet forums and more.

Here’s an easy way to simplify your options and choose the treatment that’s best for you:

  1. Make a list of what’s personally important. Get specific, and fully detail the outcomes you want to achieve. Try to list five top priorities to guide your decisions.
  2. Compare your treatment options to your priority list. At this point, you’ll want to filter each of your options through the list you’ve created. For instance, if it’s important to avoid embarrassment during treatment, you’ll want to cross traditional fixed appliances off your list.
  3. Narrow your options until you choose a single treatment. Write out the pros and cons of each option, and remove those with too many cons. However, be sure to ask yourself, “If I don’t choose this treatment, will I experience regret?” Using the process of elimination, you’ll narrow your choices to the single best treatment for your unique situation.

#3. Find a credible local orthodontist

Whilst selecting a treatment is key, your decision-making process isn’t over yet.

Your next step is finding a credible orthodontist in your local area.

Search online for nearby practitioners, and pay special attention to each orthodontist’s professional training, treatment specialties, and other key details. (For more guidance, check out our article on finding an Invisalign orthodontist.)

If you’ve completed each of our 3 tips, you’re closer to making your dream of a straight smile a reality.

But, if you aren’t sure which treatment option aligns with your goals, let us introduce you to the option that provides both convenience and confidence so you experience a win-win during treatment – Invisalign.

Invisalign is for people who want to…

  • Straighten their teeth and minimise embarrassment thanks to clear plastic aligners that conceal treatment.
  • Temporarily remove their treatment so they can conveniently keep their teeth clean and healthy.
  • Freely eat any meal and avoid any food restrictions.

If you’re ready to experience Invisalign, you can find a local Invisalign orthodontist near you with The MiSmile Network.

Search our locations, and find a practice that’s close to you to book your free consultation today.

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