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Share your MiSmile journey, and help others discover their confidence by uploading your video testimonial and before and after images, below. We'll then share these online to help others decide whether or not to embark on their Invisalign journey.

Testimonial Videos
Submit a testimonial video of up to 2 minutes long that tell us how you feel about your new smile and what your MiSmile journey was like. Make sure to pick a bright, sunny spot and that your audio is loud and clear.

Before and After Images
We love seeing your journey from start to finish through before and after images. For the best impact, try to make sure that your position and expression are the same in both images - and don't forget to show us your smile!

If you're happy for us to share your testimonial videos and before and after images as part of the MiSmile Network's online and offline marketing, please make sure to upload a signed copy of the consent form which can be downloaded here.

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