Do you want to double your Invisalign case volume?

Join the MiSmile Network Hub & Spoke group, designed to support and mentor Invisalign Go Doctors.

Why join?

  • The only GDP network supported by Align Technology, now available to Invisalign Go Doctors.
  • Market, Training, Clinical and Mentoring Support.
  • Collaborative and structure approach to patient referrals.
  • Proven Invisalign growth model to drive practice revenue and profitability.

Last year, The MiSmile Network grew the Invisalign case volume of our members by 126%.

If you’re an Invisalign Go Doctor and would like to treat more patients with Invisalign, the MiSmile Network Hub & Spoke model can show you how.

Led by Dr Kevin Higgins, an experienced Invisalign Doctor based in Newcastle upon Tyne, the MiSmile Network will drive leads to your practice and provide training and support to convert those leads to Invisalign patients.

Network membership is on a first-come first-served basis based on geographical location. Limited places available.

What does The MiSmile Network offer your practice?

Why Invisalign?

  • World leading brand in teeth straightening: Over 5 million patients have chosen Invisalign to improve their smiles.
  • Huge regional opportunity: In 2017 in Tyne & Wear alone, only 597 patients started Invisalign treatment. That’s just 0.05% of the region’s population.
  • Patient demand continues to grow: In 2018, Align Technology is investing 25% more on consumer marketing in the UK than the previous 12 months.
  • 75% of patients could benefit from smile improvement*: We can help you identify opportunities with your existing patient database
*Prevalence and distribution of selected occlusal characteristics in the US population, 1988-1994. Brunelle et al. Journal of Dental Research 92/96) and NHANES data.

“Our huge wealth of treatment experience coupled with our direct links with Align Technology means we are well placed to offer Invisalign Go Doctors the support they need to significantly increase their Invisalign case numbers.”

Dr Sandeep Kumar
Invisalign Diamond Provider and founder of The MiSmile Network

“The MiSmile Network has helped the practice grow by providing leads for patients with high aspirational needs. In addition, the support and development that they offer has been very good and compliments our practice values.”

Dr Kevin Higgins
Higgins & Winter

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