When it comes researching orthodontic treatment online, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

If you’re an adult looking to straighten your teeth without traditional braces—and you’re doing your homework on the internet—you’ll find there’s a plethora of opinions on Invisalign for adults.

After spending hours reading several websites, many of which contradict each other, it’s hard to make a decision about the best option for correcting your smile.

In this article, we’ll help you cut through the confusion with our Invisalign for Adults quiz. Keep reading to see how much you know about Invisalign’s clear aligners… and if what you know is accurate.

Take our Invisalign for adults quiz

Read each question below, and answer with either true or false. You may want to take out a piece of paper and write your answers down.

Question #1: Invisalign has been worn by more than 4 million patients.

Question #2: If you wore braces as a teen, then you don’t need Invisalign.

Question #3: Invisalign typically takes two and a half years to straighten your teeth.

Question #4: You can remove Invisalign for meals and cleaning your teeth.

Question #5: Invisalign only treats crowded teeth and crooked teeth.

Once you’ve responded to each of the questions, keep on reading to check your answers and learn more about Invisalign for adults.

See how much you know

Below we’ve included each of the questions above with the correct answer and an explanation. As you compare your answers, you may find that Invisalign’s clear plastic aligners offer much more than you originally thought.

Here are our answers to the true-or-false questions:

Question #1: Invisalign has been worn by 4 million patients.

Answer: True. Just last September, Invisalign announced that 4 million orthodontic patients had begun Invisalign treatment. Over a year later, that number has only grown.

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment for the first time, it’s nice to know millions of other patients have embraced Invisalign’s innovative technology.

Question #2: If you wore braces as a teen, then you don’t need Invisalign.

Answer: False. As Oral-B explains, even if you had braces as a child, you may need them again if you’ve experienced an injury or jaw growth. (You may also need braces for an orthodontic relapse if you didn’t properly wear your retainer.)

The good news is that Invisalign is for adults – not just for teens. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 16 or 60, you can still straighten your teeth with Invisalign’s clear plastic aligners.

Question #3: Invisalign typically takes two and a half years to straighten your teeth.

Answer: False. According to Invisalign, while treatment time depends on the severity of your misaligned bite, the average Invisalign patient only undergoes treatment for a year.

Better yet, whether you wear Invisalign for 9 months or 2 years, your clear plastic aligners will help you keep your orthodontic treatment a secret.

Question #4: You can remove Invisalign for meals and cleaning your teeth.

Answer: True. Invisalign allows you to conveniently remove your aligners to eat meals and clean your teeth. As long as you don’t keep your aligners out for too long, it won’t affect your treatment.

Unlike traditional braces, this feature allows you to enjoy any foods you wish—there’s simply no limits on what meals you can eat. Afterwards, you’ll easily keep your teeth clean and sparkling without brushing and flossing around the metal brackets and wiring of traditional braces.

Question #5: Invisalign only treats crowded and crooked teeth.

Answer: False. Crowded teeth are just one type of malocclusion that Invisalign corrects. Check out this article we’ve written if you suffer from gapped teeth, crossbites, an underbite or an overbite.

Maybe you have an open bite and are wondering if you need surgery and traditional metal braces? Be sure you read this article to see how Invisalign can empower you to correct your dentoskeletal malocclusion.

Sometimes what you’ve heard about Invisalign for adults doesn’t align to reality. Perhaps you thought Invisalign usually takes several years, or that your malocclusion was simply too complicated to correct without traditional metal braces.

The reality is, Invisalign can transform your smile and renew your confidence. To better understand what Invisalign can do for you, book a complimentary Smile Evaluation with your local MiSmile Invisalign Provider today.

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